scadding timber environmental policyEnvironmental Policy

As a responsible well established timber merchant the management and shareholders support the Company’s environmental policy. That is, the Company will not be directly or indirectly involved in the following unacceptable activities:

  1. The purchase of forest based materials from any controversial or illegal source arising from illegal logging, and / or the violation of traditional and human rights in forestry operations.
  2. The purchase of any forest based material originating from countries which are covered by U.N. or applicable E.U or National Government sanctions relating to export / import of foreign based material.
  3. The significant damage of the attributes that constitute high conservation values in a way that they no longer exist or cannot be repaired.
  4. The purchase of forest based material from genetically modified organisms in forestry operations.
  5. The sourcing of forest based material from threatened and endangered species classified by the: “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” (C.I.T.E.S.); World Heritage Convention (W.H.C.) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (C.B.D.) as well as National Legislation.
  6. The sourcing of forest based materials which originate in significant conversion of forests to other vegetational types, including conversion of primary forests to forest plantations or non-forest use.
  7. The violation of any of the I.L.O. Core Conventions as defined in the I.L.O declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work.

The Company will be committed to complying to F.S.C.® Standard (FSC-Std-40-004) and P.E.F.C.™ Standard (P.E.F.C. std 2002:2013) laid down by the P.E.F.C.™ Council promoting sustainable forest management through forest certification and labelling of forest based products. The Company has signed a self-declaration form regarding FSC-POL-01-004, a policy for the association of organisations with FSC®.

Further to these limitations and conformities, the Company shall require from all suppliers of certified material, a signed self-declaration that the supplied material does not originate from any controversial source. The Company will always favour suppliers who are assigned to a chain of custody management system preferably audited by BM Trada.

The Company will only use bone-fide professional bodies for advice on trade matters; i.e. Timber Research and Development Association (T.R.A.D.A.) for technical information and support or the Timber Trade Federation (T.T.F.) for legal matters associated with the trade.

The Company shall cease to trade with any supplier which may be in breach of the T.T.F code of conduct and in particular the environmental code of conduct.

J Scadding & Son Ltd estimates that 90% of our suppliers are within a chain of custody managed scheme with clear environmental policies laid down. This Company recognises that the independent certification of the forest area and the process chain to mill – exporter – purchaser and end user is the most useful method in providing assurances that the timber comes from legal and well managed forests.

In adopting this environmental policy J Scadding & Son Ltd hopes to: help improve the general commitment to protecting the environment and help to prevent pollution, reduce carbon emissions, cut down on waste and increase the amount of well managed certified timber available to the trade. This should allow for the long term sustainability of timber, trees and forests for the future supply and survival of the trade itself.

Wood acquired from sustainable managed forests is a fully renewable energy-efficient and recyclable raw material. Compared to the production of other building products the manufacturing process for wood products uses only a small amount of energy, most of the energy used is bio-energy. Due to the favourable weight to strength ratio of timber, the environmental impact caused by transportation also remains low.

The Company prides itself on offering a good service locally to the trade, again reducing carbon emissions by avoiding long delivery journeys.

This environmental policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to allow for any changes in government legislation and / or changes arising within the trade.

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